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4. Beginning, middle and end

Three-Act Structure is our best friend! It’s not some made-up Hollywood-style trick, it’s what every successful writer understands. Beginning, middle and end is encoded in our very cells and in the patterns of our lives. The sun rises, it shines and it sets. We’re born, we dance and we die. Every story has a beginning and every story has an end, and the only possible thing that lies between these two has to be the ‘middle’.

Three-Act Structure doesn’t tell us what kind of story to write or how to write it, but it is the thing that takes your audience on a dramatic and emotional journey. If your story structure is weak, your audience is bored and confused. If it is blindly followed without really understanding its underlying purpose, your story feels predictable and contrived. But if applied well, Three-Act Structure is ‘invisible’. All we know is we are totally hooked and completely engaged in your story from beginning to end.

So here’s this week’s story tip. Go online and spend 10 minutes reading about Three-Act Structure. Or sign up for one of my script-writing workshops and I promise you, you will not only gain a solid understanding, but also learn how to apply it to any future story or script.

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