Story Tips

1. Keeping your audience hooked

Learning to ‘hook’ your audience is really important and it must happen at the beginning of your story. You have a small window of time where your audience or reader will become interested or not, emotionally involved or not. If you are writing for TV, they will either set down the remote and choose to keep watching, or they will change the channel. If you have just submitted a manuscript to a publisher, they will read the first few pages and decide whether it’s worth their time to read the rest. Even a song we hear must hook us within the first 20 seconds. It’s important to learn how to hook your audience and keep them hooked, and I will teach you how in future posts.

But first I have a little exercise for you, since there’s no better way to learn something than by discovering it for yourself. Pick three TV shows (or online shows), or three DVDs you have lying around the house. Or if your dream is to become an author, go into a bookshop and pick up three books. Read the first two pages or watch the first five minutes of each and ask yourself, “Am I hooked?”

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