Barbara is amazing! Anyone who has the pleasure or opportunity to work with her is blessed. Her enthusiasm, optimism, support, energy and deep knowledge of the writing craft fit brilliantly with her ability to lead workshops, teams and guide the creation of new project IP through development and on to successful delivery. I'm a big fan.

Lindsay Watson

Animation Producer & Consultant, CANUK Productions Ltd

After attending the Writing For Animation workshop I feel highly empowered with the right mindset, techniques and structure to go forth with my story! Thanks Barbara and Jason! See you at the next one.

Clarke Noone

Founder / Creative Director, Owl&Fox

Barbara Slade's approach to teaching is dynamic, precise and no-holds-barred. As a facilitator she succeeds in nourishing each individual’s creativity, while simultaneously promoting a positive and energetic group dynamic. This course was intense and challenging as well as being fun, exciting and inspiring. An ideal blend!

Sylvia Cullen


I have known and worked with Barbara for many years. She writes a killer pitch (I once bought a project from her on one paragraph which went on to be a very successful drama series) – such is her ability to distil a great story, told through wonderful characters, into its essence. Her understanding of storytelling, coupled with her fabulous character, will give anyone mentored by her a wonderful opportunity.

Julian Scott

I have been writing animation scripts for 15 years and over the years have attended quite a few of Barbara's workshops. They are fun, informative and really give you the tools and confidence that you need for the industry. Her in-depth story-structure classes really helped me with my own scripts – I found that when I used her methods, my scripts were much more successful! Barbara is friendly, funny and lovely to be around!

Marie Davies

Cardiff, Wales

Spending even one day with Barbara had a hugely positive impact on my writing. Not only did she offer her own razor-sharp insight, but she also gave us strategies to make our own writing more concise and compelling, and to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. She really knows her stuff – and as a superb teacher, she is an expert at making sure you walk away truly benefitting from her wealth of industry experience.

Kristina Yee

TV Writer, USA

I have been a writer for many years, but learning from Barbara has helped me understand the gaps in my work which have been holding me back. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience you can trust and instinctively knows what you need to do. Helping me to truly learn my craft, she is giving me a trajectory for work which is motivational, inspiring and moving my own story forward.

Rachel Sambrooks

Writer / Comedian, United Kingdom

Barbara is a highly accomplished writer, executive producer and creative consultant who has enjoyed many years of success in the children’s entertainment industry with hundreds of hours of international content to her credit. She is enthusiastic, kind, and cares about her work.

Michael Carrington

Head of Children's and Education, ABC-TV, Australia

I did a one-on-one workshop with Barbara, teaching me techniques on how to 'create' on my own. This eight-hour day went by in five minutes, and was simply inspirational and SO much fun! Barbara has the ability to make you feel comfortable, creative, expressive and freed up all in one go – and after eight hours when you would be expected to feel exhausted, I felt even more energised, more so empowered. And now, a few years later, I am involved in a small start-up production company where we have created a successful children's brand – characters, stories, content, etc – completely from scratch with my direct creative input, and I truly believe Barbara's input helped shape this journey.

Nicole Seymour

Creative Director, Anamil Tech

Just two short weekend courses with Barbara were enough to give me the tools to take the seed of an idea and grow it into a series with a huge amount of exciting dramatic potential and possibilities. I'm now a working Theatre and TV Writer and Barbara's insight and guidance on dramatic structure are a constant help. I'd definitely be eager to attend more courses with Barbara to experience more of her enthusiasm and support.

Alun Saunders

TV and Theatre Writer, Wales

The ever-so-talented Barbara really helped define the premise for the show. Without her clear vision and guidance, the sitcom wouldn’t have been the success that it became. We finished filming its fifth season this summer.

Terje Solli

Series Creator Side by Side, Norway

I met Barbara at the Entertainment Master Class in Cologne where she'd been hired to teach us about storytelling. The workshop was so inspiring that I invited her to hold an extended workshop at NRK Super, and later engaged her as a coach for different writing teams at our channel. Barbara loves teaching and it shows! She is truly inspiring, kind and has a special way of making everyone feel confident.

Hildri Gulliksen

Head of NRK Super

Barbara Slade is my mentor, she's my Obi Wan Kenobi. She’s the one who showed me the way. Not only did she reveal to me and the other students the secrets of storytelling that I am still taking advantage of each time I face a new story, but she also provided me with the most precious gift an aspiring writer needs in his or her luggage: the confidence that this is exactly his – or her – path, and the hope and courage to make one’s way.

Teresa Radice

Graphic Novel Writer, Italy

Barbara was the lead writer for the original Angelina Ballerina TV animation series, and it was brilliant from start to finish. Barbara's energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her dedication to the craft of writing is inspiring. She brings a huge amount of talent and experience to all she does, and has a natural gift for teaching. How lucky we are that Barbara's starting The Story Academy – I'm going to join right away!

Katharine Holabird

Author Angelina Ballerina

Barbara is a high-profile screenwriter and she has a natural talent for teaching people as well. She is not only able to explain every aspect of screenwriting clearly to her students, she also helps you to get into the best mindset for this kind of work. She transmits positivity, helps you to trust in yourself, and really shows you how to develop new ideas. We only had two days with her, but even during this short time she was able to make a lasting impression on all of us.

Giulia Manelli

Co-ordinator, Lab-Media, Italy

Barbara's 'Introduction to Story Writing' workshop was a most enjoyable experience and an amazing amount of information and advice was conveyed in a short space of time. The passion, experience and insight she shared was inspirational. I’m sure that all who get on board, at all levels, will benefit tremendously.

Graham Smith

Blog Writer, UK

I've had the pleasure of working with Barbara on several occasions. I've participated in one of her inspiring workshops and she's also been a script development consultant for two sitcom series I've been involved in writing for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corperation (NRK). She has a unique talent for bringing out the very best not only in the stories being written, but in the scriptwriters who write them, as well.

Birgitte Bratseth

Writer / Story Editor, NRK, Norway

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara on several occasions. Firstly, I've been tutored by her in workshops and classes. These have always been incredible beneficial to me, making me level up in my understanding of story structure, characters and the daily life of writing. Secondly, I have used Barbara as a teacher at The Animation Workshop. This has been an equally great experience, watching the students go through the same development and really 'getting it' as I did. On top of Barbara's high professional level, she also has a special gift for getting aspiring writers to really believe in their talent.

Peter Dyring-Olsen

Viborg, Denmark

I first met Barbara on a Writing For Animation course in Dublin organised by Screen Training Ireland some years ago. We have worked together since on a number of writing projects and she been a wonderfully inspirational mentor, teacher, writing partner and friend. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Tadhg Mac Dhonnagáin


We did several script-evaluation and script-writing courses with Barbara for our editors at Super RTL. After the courses, everybody was so energized and motivated. Even a few years later, the editors still speak about these seminars and use the skills they have learned. Barbara makes it sound easy and logical but still digs deep into the subjects. The energy she spreads is amazing.

Karen Mitrega

Head of Children’s, Super RTL

I have known Barbara for a few years and she has worked on a few projects with me. Even though I reside in Japan, communication with her has never been a problem. She always puts in 120% effort, passion and love for all the projects and the outcome is just incredible. Wonderful writer with great experience and a beautiful person with a professional attitude!

Narita Kenji


I took a one-day story workshop with Barbara in Los Angeles, and I can't say enough about how wonderful it was! It was fun, inspiring, and made me think in a whole different way. She was enthusiastic about each person's ideas, and applied suggestions drawn from her years of experience. What I loved most is that she gave us simple, practical suggestions about what to do each day to advance our skills and imagination as writers.

Amy Krivis

I´m running the International Festival of Animated Films – ANIFILM – in the Czech Republic. We're lucky because Barbara accepted our invitation. She came to Trebon (the city where the festival takes place) to do a 3-day screenwriting workshop and special public lecture. All attendees I have had the opportunity to speak with about their experience were excited and thankful. All preparations were also great because Barbara is very nice person and enthusiastic about her domain. She is funny, tells wonderful stories and she is gifted to hand down her skills. It was pleasure to work with her.

Pavel Horáček

Amazing experience at The Story Academy this weekend. We attended with our writer and it was worth every penny. We refreshed concepts, it was highly motivational, offered tools to use when we are blocked creatively, did lots of practice, worked individually and in groups, and we were able to apply those to our daily job. Barbara is inspirational but also a magnificent teacher. We'll be coming back to new workshops! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

David Matamoros

I've been working as a live-action screenwriter for a number of years. I recently took Barbara's course in Animation Writing For Television Series. The course is the best screenwriting course I have ever taken – it bridges the gap between all the wonderful theory in screenwriting books, and actually putting all that information into practice in the development, structuring and writing of a script. Not only did I find it really helpful in terms of learning about writing for animation, but I know the techniques I have learnt will be of great use to me in writing live action too.

Michele Manahan

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