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I feel very blessed to have had a successful career as a screenwriter. I’ve written and developed TV shows around the world and have been lucky enough to get a number of my own original ideas produced and on the air. I’ve written several features and have worked as a development consultant and producer for channels and production companies in America, Europe, Asia and of course my home, which is now in the United Kingdom.


"Everyone has a story inside them and the story inside you deserves to be told!"


I love to write and am passionate about creating – and helping others to create – great stories.


Over the years, I’ve been asked to lecture and have had the honour of working with some of the most amazing and talented people around the world. I’ve led workshops for channels and media organizations, and have taught producers, directors and countless writers both within and outside the industry.


Each time I’ve returned from teaching a workshop, I’ve found myself filled with excitement and a feeling of connection and purpose. Each time my students have asked where can they find my website or sign up to my mailing list? When will I be coming back? Why don’t I start my own writing school?


After twenty years, I am now embarking on my own lifelong dream, and it is with deepest gratitude to my students and their relentless encouragement, that The Story Academy is a reality. My plan is to help you find your career path and inspire you to become the successful writer that you’ve always wanted to be.


I can’t wait to meet you!


With love,

Photography by Sadie Spezzano

Barbara's speciality is writing, developing and heading up high-concept television shows for the international market. She consults with writers, producers and channels and leads intensive screenwriting and development workshops around the world.


Barbara was born in Los Angeles, California, but began her screenwriting career in London when her first show Brown Bear’s Wedding starring Helena Bonham Carter, Joss Ackland and Hugh Laurie aired on ITV, Christmas day. It sold to most major territories and was nominated for five Emmy awards including ‘Best Writer’.

Barbara returned to America where she continued her career, writing and developing TV shows for Nickelodeon, Disney, ABC and Fox, as well as many other channels worldwide. She has written features for Working Title and Disney and has received numerous awards including a ‘Humanitas’ for one of her episodes of Rugrats.



Among others, Barbara developed and served as Head Writer for Angelina Ballerina (ITV/PBS) and Rotten Ralph (CBBC/FOX) and over the past several years has worked in Norway, developing and heading up writing teams on several prime-time series including NRK’s award winning comedy Side by Side, now in its 5th season, and TV2’s Best For now in production on season two.

Barbara has worked for the Disney Channel UK, has created/exec-produced several original TV series including Dead Gorgeous (CBBC/ABC/Nickelodeon), Hi Opie (TVO/Netflix/Knowledge Network) and is currently pitching three new original series:  Lil’ Peeps and two prime-time dramas: Song For Norway and Heaven is a Perfect Tomato.

About Barbara

"I never believed I could be a writer and yet here I am. If I can do it then so can you!"

Photography by Sadie Spezzano